Flutter On-Top

Now a days flutter is going to make a great graphical app development tool. App development on flutter is too easy and versatile. Actually flutter growth rates is going too good. It going incredible fast.

No doubt, all flutter team are working hard to make it better and better. Through…

Nextjs Static page

Next.js is a React JavaScript UI library getting a refresh. It’s new 9.5 update adds capabilities including incremental static regeneration.

Incremental static regeneration updates through re-rendering them from the background as traffic flow. Traffic is served statically beside the newly built page used only after it is done generating. …

Logical Thinking

I don’t know you are a computer programmer or not, but you should know that every programmer had to explore their thoughts by computer using their common known programming language. Every human has sentiments, but the computer has no sentiments and the computer only can think about the logical process…

Javascript Dynamic-Behaviour

For general-purpose computing, JavaScript is an object-oriented and widely used Programming language. Unlike more traditional language such as C#, Java, it does not have classes and does not encourage encapsulation or structured Programming. Instead of JavaScript strives to maximize flexibility. Let’s see how dynamic behaviour of javascript program works.


Learn Fast

Let’s play a game, You also know some people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Mark Jukarbark, etc. Just tell me one thing that what was the common thing of them. Maximum of people and maybe you will say they are billionaires, famous, American and etc. But let me…

Browser Performance

Data Mining

Introducing a Web Mining approach which will automatically identify new idea extracted from weblogs as known as a blog. A large number of blogs from every topic where users present their needs for new products. These ideas may be valuable for producers and developers because they can lead a different…

Prohibited to mix Curd

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

Some chopped fruit with fresh and creamy curd on the top of it will make you feel the joy of life. Unless it makes a perfect meal, curd also has lots of health benefits like it fills with vitamin-B, potassium, magnesium, and also its very easy digest.

But apart from…

Weight-Loss Diet with Carbs

Photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash

Now everyone wants to live healthy lives. To live a healthy life, anyone should have to fit their body first. For a bulky person, firstly need to lose weight. To lose weight, a good diet plan is needed.

When anyone wants to lose their weight, the first thing they thought…

Healthy Oil

Photo by Kai Dahms on Unsplash

Cooking oils are the most important ingredient in the kitchen to make recipes. But there is a problem with their healthiness. Olive oil from coconut, canola from vegetable, and rapeseed oil from avocado. Do you know which one should use or which one should avoid?

Cooking oil extracted from the…


I am a normal person and eagerly enthusiastic about technology. And also I love programming. Personal blog: https://centocode.com

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