Flutter On-Top

Flutter has a Highly customizable and fast widget system. And it makes flutter Awesome!

Flutter Built technology:

Flutter made with C, Dart, C++ and Skia. Skia is 2d rendering engine. Flutter run your code compiled with C, C++ and…

Nextjs Static page

It’s latest 9.5 update promises to eliminate latency spikes and prevent from ever going offline

Logical Thinking

It based on only logic unless human, Let’s discuss it

How to code approach a problem: -

Actually code will approach a problem depends on how the creator designed it. This problem can be solved by a brute force approach or a specific approach using some trick. Every program’s selected approach will depend…

Javascript Dynamic-Behaviour

Analytics of programs dynamic behaviors using some special technique

Learn Fast

These simple technique help to be a fast learner

Browser Performance

Bytecode Compilation can reduce JavaScript Execution Time on an Embedded Platform

Data Mining

Data Mining the major technique to know the user’s needs

Prohibited to mix Curd

A combination of curd may lead to a skin problem, permanent stomach damage

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

1. Mango —

Weight-Loss Diet with Carbs

Through some special tricks or changes in your diet can do that

Photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash

Healthy Oil

Oils are totally stuffed with fat and calories, but their science can influence our wellbeing

Photo by Kai Dahms on Unsplash

Fat does not much store in the body as fat and it expanded as energy “Pure Poison” — by Harvard University epidemiologist

Every fat molecule made of a fatty acid chain…


I am a normal person and eagerly enthusiastic about technology. And also I love programming. Personal blog: https://centocode.com

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